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2 min readApr 30, 2021


Hello strangers,

The Medium ride was short but insightful. We decided to move our fiction work to a new and rising platform: Kindle Vella. It’s still in beta status and restricted to the U.S. but it will deploy progressively.

You can find “To Become a Reptilian Wolf” in episodic format there, on a biweekly release. We project for the story to last through the summer.

In case you are not familiar with the premise, ahead of the launch of our next series Stillborn Ecdysis, we decided to release a novella centered around one of the main characters, Philip. It was supposed to be an 8 page character study that would help understand his persona better, but it eventually turned into 80 pages of intriguing and engaging content.

Here is a quick summary:

It’s New York of the 90s. In the nightlife of the underground gay scene, Phil is a smart hunter and an avant-garde musician. He’s got plans on both fronts and knows enough to be calculating, sure and discerning when it comes to solid coinage. He spots Mo by himself and decides there could be potentially a carnal and finite dance for this evening.

We also understand that the paywall after the first three free episodes could be an obstacle for some, but we are willing to compromise on that aspect for the sake of a leap of faith. Our beginnings are humble, our audience is still scattered and we are willing to take risks on a new platform where we may find an audience.

We will keep the Medium account for nonfiction articles.

See you at the capsule.



Hurry to the Capsule

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